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Associates and Friends
of the
Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael


The voting membership in the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael may be found in our Oblate Regular (hermit), Oblate Secular, and Missioner Expressions of Community.

Some people, however, while offering great devotion to St. Michael the Archangel and who may support our work and spirituality may either not be called by God to a commitment of vows or simple promises to the Charism of St. Michael, nor to the Missioners work in our apostolates, or may not be eligible for such commitment for whatever reasons.

The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael recognizes the devotion and interest of these people and seeks to provide them with opportunities to share in our charism in some way.

Our Community thus offers four additional opportunities for people to share in our charism and ministry besides the voting membership of Oblation or Missioners.

Open to Anyone: The sharing opportunities described on this page are open to anyone who wishes to join regardless of faith or denomination.

Common Benefits: Members in any of these five groups share some common benefits of membership in addition to any benefit offered by a particular group. Members in any of these groups ...

...are prayed for daily by the Brothers and Sisters of St. Michael.

...share in the spiritual benefits of all prayers, liturgies, fastings, acts of mortifications, and spiritual advantages and graces of our Order.

...will receive or have online access to other Newsletters and publications designed for the general public and/or for associate members as are from time to time published.

We welcome you to read over the descriptions of our Associate Membership opportunities and contact us at the links provided in each group description to register for the group of your choice.

Before joining, however, we recommend that you review our Mission Statement for information about our mission and goals, and our Financial Page for information about how our association supports itself, how we raise funds and spend them.

1) Fraternity of the Chaplet of St. Michael
—offers a devotional option to share in the St. Michael Charism.
2) St. Michael League
—offers a sharing of the St. Michael Charism for those who wish to support our ministry financially without any devotional commitment.
3) St. Michael Prayer Partners
In addition,any member in any category, and any other member of the general public who wish to do so, are invited to be part of our of Prayer Partner Team.
4) Friends of St. Michael
—offers a sharing of the St. Michael Charism to those who agree to pray for us and encourage our ministry without any devotional or financial commitment.

Final Note: In accordance with our Rule, the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael may, from time to time, elect to offer special benefits or privileges to Associates and Friends that are not enumerated here. In any event, all Associates and Friends and their intentions shall always be included in the prayers and Liturgies of our Order.

...from the General Directory of our Rule: Classification as an Associate, Friend, or Visitor does not constitute membership in the Association itself, or with any of its Chapters and Communities in any way. Individuals with such classifications shall have no active or passive voice, juridic personality, or any other rights within the Association, its Chapters or Communities except those rights and benefits specifically apportioned or assigned to their class by the statues of the Rule.... The opinions of such persons, however, are always welcome.