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Vocations Office



Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, we ask you to assist us, your loved ones, who yearn for a closer union with God into an ever more intimate relationship with you and with your Son.

Heavenly Father, with the intercessions of of Blessed Mother and Patron, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, please help our Community to grow in vocations by inspiring us to pray and to reach out to others, and inspiring those to respond whom Thou has chosen and called to join us, that we together may work for God's glory.

Hail Mary --- 3 times

There are four ways in which a person may participate
and share in the St. Michael Charism:

...for lay Catholic men and women interested in consecrating themselves more profoundly to God
by private vows according to their state-in-life. Oblates
may live anywhere in the world.

Oblates-Regular (Semi-Eremitic)
...for Catholic men and women called to the lay celibate life of consecration and the evangelical counsels in various forms of solitude under private vows. Their hermitages may be geographically near the motherhouse or elsewhere in the world in desert, rural or urban areas.

St. Michael Missioners
...for Catholic men and women associates or others who may not wish to participate in the spiritual charism of St. Michael as an Oblate, but wish to volunteer in one of our apostolates.

Other Associates and Friends of St. Michael
...for men and women of any faith to have an opportunity to share in a small way the St. Michael Charism.