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Blessed Mother, pray for us.
St. Michael the Archangel, protect us.
Sts. Francis, Montfort, Ignatius, Benedict,
and all the saints of our Charism, pray for us.

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He who wants to win the world for Christ
must have the courage to come into conflict with it.

--Blessed Titus Brandsma

Vatican Coat of Arms

This is a Papal Fidelity Site, loyal and obedient to the current Pope, Vicar of Christ, and to the Magisterium in union with him. The voting members of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael, take an Oath of Fidelity.

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The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael (OMSM), (formerly the "Order of the Legion of St. Michael"), an incorporated non-profit Association in the State of Iowa, is currently not officially recognized by any ecclesiastical authority. OMSM is not formally associated with any diocese nor does it speak for the Church. We are, however, a defacto Association of the Christian Faithful established under canon 215 of the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church and according to Canon Law may exist either with or without ecclesiastical recognition.

To preserve its independence and objectivity in pursing its apostolates of Internet Missions, spiritual warfare and the fight against the plausibility that infects our Church, all of which tends to create controversies, of which is to be expected when defending the Truth and the Church without compromise, the OMSM has chosen not to seek ecclesiastical recognition at this time.

The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael fully submits to the authentic teaching authority of the Pope and Magisterium of the Catholic Church, to Canon Law, and to the proper law of the Church as it applies to Associations of the Christian Faithful. All voting members of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael take an Oath of Fidelity to the Pope and Magisterium.

The activities and apostolates of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael are purely and solely the responsibility of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael.