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Encyclicals of Pope Pius XI

Acerba Animi
on Persecution of the Church in Mexico
September 29, 1932

Ad Catholici Sacerdotii
on the Catholic Priesthood
December 20, 1935

Ad Salutem
on St. Augustine
April 30, 1930

Caritate Christi Compulsi
on the Sacred Heart
May 3, 1932

Casti Connubii
on Christian Marriage
December 31,1930

Dilectissima Nobis
on Oppression of the Church of Spain
June 3, 1933

Divini Illius Magistri
on Christian Education
December 31, 1929

Divini Redemptoris
on Atheistic Communism
March 19, 1937

Ecclesiam Dei
on St. Josaphat
November 12, 1923

Ingravescentibus Malis
on the Rosary
September 29, 1937

Iniquis Afflictisque
on Persecution of the Church in Mexico
November 18, 1926

Lux Veritatis
on the Council of Ephesus
December 25, 1931

Maximam Gravissimamque
on French Diocesan Associations
January 18, 1924

Mens Nostra
on the Promotion of the Spiritual Exercises
December 20, 1929

Miserentissimus Redemptor
on Reparation to the Sacred Heart
May 8, 1928

Mit Brennender Sorge
on the Church and the German Reich
March 14, 1937

Mortalium Animos
on Religious Unity
January 6, 1928

Non Abbiamo Bisogno
on Catholic Action in Italy
June 29, 1931

Nos Es Muy Conocida
on the Religious Situation in Mexico
March 28, 1937

Nova Impendet
on the Economic Crisis
October 2, 1931

Quadragesimo Anno
on Reconstruction of the Social Order
May 15, 1931

Quas Primas
on the Feast of Christ the King
December 11, 1925

Quinquagesimo Ante
on His Sacerdotal Jubilee
December 23, 1929

Rappresentanti in Terra
on Christian Education
December 31, 1929

Rerum Ecclesiae
on Catholic Missions
February 8, 1926

Rerum Omnium Perturbationem
on St. Francis de Sales
January 26, 1923

Rerum Orientalium
on the Promotion of Oriental Studies
September 8, 1928

Rite Expiatis
on St. Francis of Assisi
April 13, 1926

Studiorum Ducem
on St. Thomas Aquinas
June 29,1923

Ubi Arcano Dei Consilioi
on the Peace of Christ in His Kingdom
December 23, 1922

Vigilanti Cura
on Motion Pictures
June 29, 1936


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