Encyclicals Pope Pius IX

Encyclicals of Pope Pius IX

Amantissimi Redemptoris
on Priests and the Care of Souls
May 3, 1858

on the Care of the Churches
April 8, 1862

Apostolicae Nostrae Caritatis
on Urging Prayers for Peace
August 1, 1854

Beneficia Dei
on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Pontificate
June 4, 1871

Cum Nuper
on Care For Clerics
January 20, 1858

Cum Sancta Mater Ecclesia
on Pleading for Public Prayer
April 27, 1859

Etsi Multa
on the Church in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland
November 21, 1873

Exultavit Cor Nostrum
on the Effects of the Jubilee
November 21, 1851

Graves Ac Diuturnae
on the Church in Switzerland
March 23, 1875

Gravibus Ecclesiae
on Proclaiming a Jubilee for 1875
December 24, 1874

on Persecution in New Granada
September 17, 1863

Inter Multiplices
on Pleading for Unity of Spirit
March 21, 1853

on the Afflictions of Church
October 27, 1867

Maximae Quidem
on the Church in Bavaria
August 18, 1864

Meridionali Americae
on the Seminary for Native Clergy
September 30, 1865

Neminem Vestrum
on the Persecution of Armenians
February 2, 1854

Nemo Certe Ignorat
on Discipline for Clergy
March 25, 1852

Nostis et Nobiscum
on the Church in the Pontifical States
December 8, 1849

Nullis Certe Verbis
on the Need for Civil Sovereignty
January 19, 1860

Omnem Sollicitudinem
on the Greek-Ruthenian Rite
May 13, 1874

Optime Noscitis
on the Proposed Catholic University of Ireland
March 20, 1854

Optime Noscitis
on Episcopal Meetings
November 5, 1855

Praedecessores Nostros
on Aid for Ireland
March 25, 1847

Probe Noscitis Venerabiles
on the Discipline for Clergy
May 17, 1852

Quae in Patriarchatu
on the Church in Chaldea
November 16, 1872

Quanta Cura
on Condemning Current Errors
December 8, 1864

Quanto Conficiamur Moerore
on Promotion of False Doctrines
August 10, 1863

Quartus Supra
on the Church in Armenia
January 6, 1873

Qui Nuper
on Pontifical States
June 18, 1859

Qui Pluribus
on Faith and Religion
November 9, 1846

Quod Nunquam
on the Church in Prussia
February 5, 1875

on Protesting the Taking of the Pontifical States
November 1, 1870

Saepe Venerabiles Fratres
on Thanksgiving for Twenty-five Years of Pontificate
August 5, 1871

Singulari Quidem
on the Church in Austria
March 17, 1856

Ubi Nos
on Pontifical States
May 15, 1871

Ubi Primum
on Discipline for Religious
June 17, 1847

Ubi Primum
on the Immaculate Conception
February 2, 1849

Vix Dum a Nobis
on the Church in Austria
March 7, 1874


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