John Paul II Encyclicals

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Apostolic Exhortations of
Pope John Paul II

Catechesi Tradendae
on Catechesis in Our Time
October 16, 1979

Christifideles Laici
on the Vocation and the Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the World
December 30, 1988

Ecclesia in America
on the Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ:
the Way to Conversion, Communion
and Solidarity in America
January 22, 1999

Familiaris Consortio
On the Role of the Christian Family
in the Modern World
November 22, 1981

Pastores Dabo Vobis
on the Formation of Priests
in the Circumstances of the Present Day
March 25, 1992

Reconciliatio et Paeniteitia
on Reconciliation and Penance
in the mission of the Church today
December 2, 1984

Redemptoris Custos
on the Person and Mission of Saint Joseph
in the Life of Christ and of the Church
August 15, 1989

Redemptionis Donum
to Men and Women Religious
March 25, 1984

Vita Consecrata
on the Consecrated Life
March 25, 1996


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