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Pope Greporty XVI

The Writings of
Pope Gregory XVI



Commissum Divinitus
on Church and State
May 17, 1835

Cum Primum
on Civil Obedience
June 9, 1832

In Supremo Apostolatus
on Condemning the Slave Trade
December 3, 1839

Inter Praecipuas
on Biblical Societies
May 8, 1844

Mirari Vos
on Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism
August 15, 1832

Probe Nostis
on the Propagation of the Faith
September 18, 1840

Quas Vestro
on Mixed Marriages
April 30, 1841

Quo Graviora
on the "Pragmatic Constitution"
October 4, 1833

Singulari Nos
on the Errors of Lammenais
June 25, 1834

Summo Iugiter Studio
on Mixed Marriages
May 27, 1832


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