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Pope Benedict XIV

The Writings of
Pope Benedict XIV

Born: Prospero Lambertini



A Quo Primum
on Jews & Christians Living in the Same Place
June 14, 1751

Allatae Sunt
on the Observance of Oriental Rites
July 26, 1755

Apostolica Constitutio
On Preparation for the Holy Year
June 26, 1749

Cum Religiosi
on Catechesis
June 26, 1754

Ex Omnibus
on the Apostolic Constitution Unigenitus
October 16, 1756

Ex Quo
on the Euchologion
March 1, 1756

Magnae Nobis
on Marriage Impediments & Dispensations
June 29, 1748

Nimiam Licentiam
on Validity of Marriages
May 18, 1743

Proclaiming a Holy Year for 1750
May 5, 1749

Quanta Cura
Forbidding Traffic in Alms
June 30, 1741

Quod Provinciale
on Christians Using Mohammedan Names
August 1, 1754

Ubi Primum
on the Duties of Bishops
December 3, 1740

Vix Pervenit
on Usury and Other Dishonest Profit
November 1, 1745


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