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Homeschooling Resources
*Not All Articles are Catholic but all contain helpful information.

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Red BallThe 1000 Good Books
Michael Platt
In his truly wonderful book, The Restoration of Christian Culture, John Senior remarks that students need to read the thousand good books before they read the hundred great books. Otherwise in college such students may turn into well-read nihilists, excited by intellectual inquiry (without end or purpose), and contemptuous of moral good, very much aware of their own cleverness and insensitive to the presence of moral virtue in others and its absence in themselves.

Red BallA Dickens of an Idea
Karen Andreola
Sadly, many of the greatest books that have strengthened and shaped Western civilization are drifting out of our life and thought. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can responsibly keep the literary lights burning brightly for the benefit of our children and future generations.

Red BallA Quantity of Quality Time
Kimberly Hahn
discusses the 'problem' of socialization for home schooled children. She maintains that socialization is a primary reason FOR homeschooling. Taken from the Pentecost 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Home Educator.'

Red BallAccelerated Education
Joyce Swann
My goal was to educate my children entirely at home while moving them along that line of progression without taking meandering forays which would not only bring nothing to the learning process but might actually serve as an impediment. To accomplish that goal, I opted for very structured curricula and a three-hour school day, five days a week, twelve months a year. We used Calvert School for grades 1 though 8, the American School for high school, Brigham Young University for undergraduate degrees, and California State at Dominguez Hills for graduate degrees.

Red BallAdvice to Parents
Saint Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787)
First, I shall show how important it is to bring up children inhabits of virtue; and, in the second, I shall show with what care and diligence a parent ought to labor to bring them up well.

Red BallBook Reports for the Bored
Terrie Lynn Bittner
What would school be without a book report? Here is a quick list of book report projects to get you started.

Red BallBook Review Corner-College
Charles and Betty Burger
Even if your children are all preschoolers, it's not too early to start keeping an eye on the college scene.

Red BallBut What About Socialization?
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Practically the first question every homeschooling parent gets asked is "But what about socialization?" Sometimes we get the idea that all public school parents care about is their child's social life. Certainly a social life can be important, but academic life matters too, and hardly anyone asks about that. Still, since it's a question we get asked, and a question I've spent a lot of time answering in emails lately, it's time to discuss it.

Red BallThe Case for Ancient History
Rob and Cyndy Shearer
We recommend the study of Western history for several reasons. First, although there were important civilizations in Asia, India, Africa, and the Americas, they are less important than the Western tradition. We make that statement not judgmentally so much as historically. Good or bad, it is Western civilization which has come to dominate all others. Other civilizations may have cultural achievements worth studying, but the achievements of the West in art, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, and theology are not just different; they are demonstrably superior

Red BallCatholic Homeschooling
Bob Brindle, Director Our Lady of the Rosary School
the main purpose of Catholic homeschooling is not to do a better job of teaching what the government or private schools teach; it is to educate the student in the ways of salvation, to know, love, and serve God in this world so he may be happy with Him in the next.

Red BallCatholic Home Education: Which Approach to Use?
Dr. Mary Kay Clark
One of the topics buzzing around homeschooling groups is the issue of structure vs. nonstructure for the homeschooling families. Looking through the homeschooling literature, some programs advertise freedom and independence; others advertise high academics; some advertise character education and the unit study approach, some advertise basic skills and content.

Red BallThe Catholic School
The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
October 15,1976

Red BallChrist Speaks to Us
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.
What has the Catholic Church considered as home schooling in the Church's history? Secondly, why is home schooling necessary? And thirdly, how should home schooling be done most effectively?

Red BallCollege at Home II
Alexandra Swann
This prevalent attitude about college can pose special problems for the parents of the teenager who is going to be attending college at home. Parents should take advantage of the high school years to prepare their teenagers emotionally as well as academically for external degree studies so that the student who is watching his friends "go off to college" will not feel disappointed and envious while he pursues his university studies at home.

Red BallCollege Bound at Home, Part I
Joyce Swann
The homeschool movement is growing up! For the first time in this century an entire generation of homeschooled children is preparing to graduate from high school. God is dealing with homeschooling parents and young people alike, and they are discovering that He has prepared a way for them to take the best that the educational system has to offer without being forced to attend universities where the very foundations of their faith will be under daily attack. Yes, this generation of homeschooled students is college bound, but they now have the option of attending college at home.

Red BallCollege Study Schedule
Alexandra Swann
Shares pointers for students studying at home

Red BallColleges without Walls
Howard Richman
Imagines the college of the future.

Red BallComputerized Education
Scott Somerville
Computers should work; people should think. It really can happen. With the very sophisticated software that is now available, your child can learn French, piano, typing, publishing, and much, much more. Plug a telephone line into your computer, and open whole new worlds.

Red BallCostumes Add Color to Your Unit Studies
Jessica Hulcy
Children love to dress up and dramatize. What a fun way to reinforce what you are studying!

Red BallDyslexia: The Man-Made Disease
Sam Blumenfeld
What this means is that parents should teach their children to read phonetically before giving them the Dr. Seuss books to read. They should avoid having their children memorize words by their configurations alone, because once that mode of viewing words becomes an automatic reflex, it will create a block against phonics.

Red BallEducational Guidance in Human Love
Outlines for Sex Education
The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
November 1, 1983

Red BallEnding Units with a Bang
Jessica Hulcy
School Lessons Need Closure

Red BallThe Fate of the Essenes and the Future of Catholic Homeschoolers
Fr. John Riley
One may note remarkable similarities between "Essenism" and our modern Catholic homeschooling movement. Both groups struggled in challenging times to remain faithful to Sacred Tradition; both groups were animated and inspired by high ideals and fiery individualism; both groups reacted zealously against a prevailing torrent of modernism and secular humanism. The Essenes have perished ... where did they go wrong? Does the destiny of Catholic homeschooling lie along the same path?

Red BallGetting Preschoolers Ready to Read
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Teaching children to read is one of the most exciting and fullfilling jobs a homeschool teacher has, and maybe one of the scariest, too. It's really not as hard as it seems, though. If you've been reading to your child, and he can speak in complete sentences, he's well on his way to becoming a reader.

Red BallGettting Ready to Homeschool For the First Time
Terrie Lynn Bittner
The first pre-homeschooling summer can be overwhelming. You have so many questions, so many fears. You've made your decision, but now you may have no idea what comes next. Here's what you need to do

Red BallGravissimum Educationis
Paul VI
Declaration on Christian Education
October 28, 1965

Red BallGuidelines to Battlelines
Bob Brindle, Director Our Lady of the Rosary School
The recent proliferation of homeschooling guidelines now appearing in diocese after diocese, with Chicago and Pittsburgh being the most notable, is causing much anxiety among faithful Catholic Homeschoolers. The Church has consistently taught that parents are the primary educators of their children and that they must form them in the ways of the Lord, in our holy Catholic Faith. The education of offspring is not a choice for parents, it is a duty before God.

Red BallHigh School Literature Survival Guides
Sandy Barton
For homeschoolers, guides like Cliffs Notes and Barron's Book Notes fill in the gaps when studying literature.
Home Education Magazine
May–June 2000

Red BallHomeschooling Has Come of Age
Bob Brindle, Director Our Lady of the Rosary School
Homeschooling, as they say, has come of age. Its existence is now recognized by many people and their numbers are growing daily, even though the right of parents to educate their own children at home is being contested in many areas. The accomplishments of homeschooling are not coming into the public eye and dispelling the many misconceptions promoted by its adversaries. Homeschooling is also a giant statement in favor of the family and what it can accomplish if left alone.

Red BallHomeschooling Resource Page
Ruth McCuaig
Many resources beginning with "Getting Started" to "Homeschooling and the Church"

Red BallHomeschooling: The Alternative for Caring Christian Families
American Life League
Parents No More. The public school system is conditioning our children to live as nonthreatening, incompetent, contented cogs in a giant Socialist paradise.

Red BallHow to Avoid Mindless Unit Studies
Jessica Hulcy
Some units seem to be connived instead of flowing together naturally. Here are three red flags to beware of in units.

Red BallI Was an Accelerated Child
Alexandra Swann
Shares what it's like to graduate high school by age 11.

Red BallIs Home Schooling Right for Your Family?
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Homeschooling is not for everyone, though. It's time-consuming and it can be expensive, so many parents give up in frustration after the first year. Others love it and would never go back. There were so many surprises for me when I pulled my first child out of the public school and, although I've been happy with the results, there were times I wish I had asked myself a few questions before beginning. Although almost any obstacle can be overcome, you should consider these questions.

Red BallEducational Guidance in Human Love
Outlines for Sex Education
The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
November 1, 1983

Red BallIt's Time to Write a Story
Terrie Lynn Bittner
While not every child will want to be a writer, being able to write fiction is an important skill. For one thing, good writers are better readers. You have to understand the structure of a story, the art of characterization, plotting and a host of other literary skills to be able to write a story.

Red BallJoyce Swann's Homeschool Tips
Joyce Swann
We have compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions which we will discuss in depth in the next several issues. In this issue, we have touched on those areas and offered some general advice which should help to get your homeschool on track.

Red BallKeeping Homeschooling Catholic
Bob Brindle, Director Our Lady of the Rosary School
There are three questions which this letter till try to address. The first is: What is Catholic Homeschooling? The second is: Is Catholic Homeschooling necessary? The third is: What should we look for in Catholic schooling?

Red BallLay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith
The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
October 15, 1982

Red BallLocal Resources for Your Home Study Cources
Joyce Swann
We wanted to find local resources which would be readily available and virtually cost-free.

Red BallThe Military-HSLDA Complex and Our Freedoms
Larry and Susan Kaseman
Our homeschooling freedoms are being threatened by a 5-year pilot program designed to make it easier for homeschoolers to enter the military. Not surprisingly, recruiters want assurance that people who claim to be homeschooling graduates actually are. However, their attempts to gain this assurance will increase regulation of homeschooling by the federal government. To work to prevent this loss of our homeschooling freedoms, we can do three things
Home Education Magazine
March–April 2000

Red BallNever Too Young For Shakespeare!
Terrie Lynn Bittner
There are some wonderful children's books out there for the teaching of Shakespeare, so chat with your librarian about tracking some down. Many even use the original language, but shorten the play and take out some of the objectionable things.

Red BallNouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Here's why we should teach grammar even if the schools don't

Red BallO.B.E. or a Lesson in Edubabble
Joyce Cale
For those who are trying to understand Outcome Based Education, Joyce Cale offers explanations and recommended reading for further research. Taken from the June/July 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!

Red BallOnline at Your Library
Scott Somerville
Many libraries now have their card catalogs on computer, and many of those allow anyone with a computer and a "modem" to dial up and plug in to their system

Red BallOur Art Lessons
Mary Beth Voelker
First, art training teaches a person to observe the world as it is rather than as what he thinks it is. Second, it teaches discipline to follow a project to completion and to work within set limits to achieve a set objective. Third, it teaches your to actually draw–a valuable skill in many career fields including the sciences (keeping lab and field notebooks, technical fields, drawing flowcharts and schematics), and business (creation of concept sketches for both products and the packaging and promotional materials that go with them).

Red BallParental Rights in Homeschooling
Father Charles Fiore
A compilation of theological and papal statements, and pertinent Canons regarding God Given parental rights to educate their children

Red BallPhonics: Lesson 1
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Reading is a secret code, and your child has to find the key in order to decipher the strange symbols on the paper. Only when he knows how to understand the symbols and give them meaning can we really say he can read.

Red BallPolitics the Homeschool Way
Jessica Hulcy
Train your children in the vision and the process of affecting change. We parents get involved in politics to leave a better world for our children as well as to act as a model of responsible citizenship. When our children also get involved in politics, they learn the skills necessary to affect change in their future world. This dual purpose allows homeschoolers to kill two birds with one stone: change the world now while training your children to change the world of the future.

Red BallPublic Education is Doomed Part I
David Ayers
A year of elementary public school already costs more than a year of college. We simply can't afford to keep paying such outrageous amounts forever for second-class education, especially when other countries with more severe problems than ours produce better educational results for far less money.

Red BallPublic Education is Doomed Part II
David Ayers
Businesses spend billions of dollars yearly on education. Much of that money goes to "business-public school partnerships." Can businesses be persuaded to invest in homeschools instead? And do we want them to?

Red BallPut the "Story" Back in History
Rob and Cyndy Shearer
History is the ideal place to teach our children about the practice of morality–to help build them up into godly men and women. Through history our children can examine men's lives and the choices they made and see the consequences of good and evil–without having to pay the bitter prices charged for those lessons by experience. The place to begin doing this is with the history contained in the Bible.

Red BallRaising Kids Who Love to Read
Terrie Lynn Bittner
Reading begins at birth. No, I'm not advocating one of those programs that has you teaching babies to read. What I mean is that becoming a good reader takes preparation, and that preparation can begin at birth.

Red BallThe Religious Dimension of Education
in a Catholic School

Guidelines for Reflection and Renewal
The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
April 7, 1988

Red BallSave $40,000 on College
Joyce Swann
Joyce Swann has home educated her ten children from first grade through master's degree programs. The Swann children typically receive high school diplomas at age eleven, bachelor's degrees at age fifteen, and master's degrees at age sixteen. All of the academic work has been completed at home through correspondence schools and external degree programs offered by major western universities.

Red BallSaxon Math: Facts vs. Rumors
Mary Pride
Aim . . . fire . . . ready! What's going on here? Why are some home schoolers sniping at the best math program ever made available to home schoolers? Why do some homeschool magazines refuse to accept ads from its publisher, or even mention the program's name?

Red BallThe Seven Steps in Preparing to be a Homeschool Father
Steve Wood
For homeschooling to be successful fathers must be involved. Steve Wood suggests seven steps to any man wanting to become a successful homeschool father. Fathers who do not plan to homeschool should still pay attention to several of the steps. Taken from the May 1995 issue of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers.

Red BallShow Me the Way to Go HOMER
Scott Somerville
In this article, we review HOMERª, the first service designed specifically to bring distance learning home

Red BallState Organization Grants Certified Diplomas
Howard Richman
Explains how Pennsylvania Homeschoolers pulled this off.

Red BallTeaching History & Science: The Who's and Why's
Dr. Anne Carroll
Mrs. Carroll is the founder and director of the Seton (Day) School in Manassas, VA, where she also teaches history and religion. Taken from the August/September 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!

Red BallThe Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality
Guidelines for Education within the Family
Pontifical Council for the Family
Among the many difficulties parents encounter today, despite different social contexts, one certainly stands out: giving children an adequate preparation for adult life, particularly with regard to education in the true meaning of sexuality.
December 8, 1995

Red BallU.S. Homeschool Laws
Our Lady of the Rosary School
Are you interested in your state guidelines regarding Homeschooling? Below we have supplied links through the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to the current laws for your state. Choose your state from the map or the links below.

Red BallUnexpected Lessons from the Real World
Jessica Hulcy
A near drowning provides a new twist on unit studies.

Red BallUnit Studies
Jessica Hulcy
The unit study method of home education has fringe benefits that go beyond teaching the "connectedness" of things. My children retain information and facts, because factual data hangs together in nice tidy packages. But the greatest bonus from doing units is the sense of learning, reading and doing together as a family. There is a sense of family connectedness in addition to the factual connectedness.

Red BallUnit Studies with Drama
Jessica Hulcy
Why in the world then would home schoolers choose to use drama in their education process? Three reasons come to mind: To teach children attentiveness, To improve communication skills, To internalize academic material

Red BallWays to Stimulate a Special Child
Peggy Barker
Shares some ideas with parents who home school their special needs children.

Red BallWhat is Homeschooling?
Bob Brindle, Director Our Lady of the Rosary School
Not too many years ago most people looked at homeschooling as a new idea, a new concept; they may have been divided as to its necessity or efficacy, but most would have said that it was new and somewhat radical. Today, however, homeschooling has gained enormous popularity and is in the process of eliminating the negative opinions most people had of it by its obvious success.

Red BallWhole-Language Boondoggle
Sam Blumenfeld
The battle lines are drawn between advocates of phonics, who stress the importance of teaching relationships between letters and sounds, and those of whole-language methodology, who believe children should be taught reading by reading whole texts.

Red BallWhy the Question of Homeschoolers' Playing Public School Sports Affects All Homeschoolers
Larry and Susan Kaseman
At first glance, having homeschoolers on public school sports teams might seem like a good idea. It would provide one more opportunity for homeschoolers, one more example of society's acceptance of homeschooling. However, a closer look reveals that it would undermine our homeschooling freedoms. Fortunately, the vast majority of homeschoolers do not support homeschoolers' playing public school sports, and many are opposed.
Home Education Magazine
May–June 2000

Red BallWriting Reports
Terrie Lynn Bittner
You don't have to wait until the children are in second or third grade to write a report. Get them in the habit when they are very little, just starting to talk in complete sentences. Really, a report is just putting into writing what you know.