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Red BallDocuments of Vatican II

Red BallCouncil of Faith:
The Documents of Vatican II

with Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., Ph.D.

Red BallCatholic Challenge: Vatican II And You
with Allen Schreck

Red BallWhat Did Vatican II Really Teach?
with Fr. Regis Scanlon

Red BallSome Myths about Vatican II
Michael Hains
A brief article on some myths about Vatican II. Did Vatican II really change Church teachings?

Red BallThe Church in our Day
The Bishops of the United States
Lengthy excerpts (compiled from eight issues of L'Osservatore Romano)of a 1967 collective pastoral letter by the U.S. Bishops reflect on the nature of the Church, as revealed in Vatican II's Lumen Gentium, and address the challenges facing the American Church.

Red BallThe Catholic Human Rights Revolution
George Weigel
An analysis of the importance of Vatican II's "Declaration on Religious Freedom" and Pope John Paul II's subsequent emphasis on it, to the Catholic understanding of the state. Taken from the July/August 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

Red BallThe Church Resplendent in Christ
Fr. Edward Berbusse
Fr. Edward Berbusse, SJ probes the profound teaching of Vatican II's Lumen Gentium and shows how this document is grounded in Catholic Tradition

Red BallConsistent Doctrine on Religious Liberty
Fr. William Most
Response to those who state that Vatican II's Declaration on Religious Liberty changed the teaching of the Church on this issue. He marshalls the relevant texts from the teaching of a number of earlier Church documents to show the continuity of the Church's teaching

Red BallThe Authority of the Church
Most Rev. John Murphy
In the turbulent days following Vatican II, Archbishop Murphy addressed the problem of false ecumenism. While the Church should speak to modern man in language he can understand, changes in theological language cannot be made apart from the Magisterium without falling into heresy.

Red BallMary has universal spiritual motherhood
Pope John Paul II
In his Wednesday Audience of 24 September 1998 the Holy Father explained the meaning of Mary's titles of: Advocate, Helper, Benefactress and Mediatrix (as taught by Vatican II).

Red BallPost-Conciliary States of Mind
Cardinal Pericle Felici
The Cardinal, in remarking on the inevitability of anxiety over the changes called for by Vatican II, warned against exacerbating the situation by innovations against the "substance of belief."

Red BallParticipation
Jean Danielou
Vatican II called on the laity to take a more active part in the liturgy, as in other functions of the body of Christ. Their customary passivity was not consistent with their dignity, nor with their responsibility to participate in the Church's mission.

Red BallThey Have Taken Away My Lord, and I Know Not Where They Have Laid Him
Helen Hitchcock
Removing the tabernacle from the main altar, according to some liturgists, is required by documents following Vatican II. But what do the documents really say? The author also examines the theological implications of moving the Blessed Sacrament, as exemplified by views of those urging this reform.

Red BallVatican II Was Spirit's Gift to the Church
Pope John Paul II
From 25 to 27 February 2000, over 200 Bishops, theologians, historians and catechists attended a conference in the Vatican on the implementation of the Second Vatican Council. The meeting was organized in the context of the Holy Year celebrations. On Sunday morning, 27 February, the Holy Father addressed the participants, calling the Council a "gift of the Spirit to his Church".

Red BallVatican II Praised Eastern Traditions
Pope John Paul II
General Audience August 9, 1995

Red BallHis Heart is the Heart of the Church
Pope John Paul II
In his message for the Centenary of the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Holy Father calls on all believers, inspired by the "living image of the infinite love of Christ", to participate in the work of salvation. Their consecration commits believers to join in the "missionary activity of the Church herself, because it answers the desire of Jesus' Heart".

Red BallThe Future of Vatican II
James Finn
"Crisis Online", Nov, 1995
What has the Second Vatican Council wrought? This question was asked almost as soon as Vatican II concluded its work in 1965. It remains a question. Given the perspective provided by the distance of thirty years,what now can be said? No response can give a full measure of the impact of the Council without a clear, even if incomplete, idea of the Church as it approached that remarkable event.

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