Welcome & Guide


Welcome to our blog where we offer full transparency to allow our detractors freedom to review and comment on our websites, apostolates, and organization. Letters, emails, messages, transcripts, etc. are all posted here verbatim without editing (except for obscenities).


Entries may refer to the Order of the Legion of St. Michael. This is the former name of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael.


Our comments are in yellow, and quotations from the detractors or from Church documents and other material are in white. Update information is in this dark pink.


The Detractor Name list to the upper right will give various categories and the name of each detractor. We also occasionally post messages and letters from the Corp of Loons-R-Us as well, even if they are not really detractors per se.


This blog does not publish every detracting or weird email, message, or letter we get, but it does represent the sorts of things happening in chatrooms or found in our inbox, PMs, or snailmail box.


The detractor list is divided into three categories:

1) Hate Mail (email or snail mail)
2) Hateful responses to our rejecting someone’s question in our Q&A Forums
3) Reviews of us


Your comments, pro or con, are welcomed. Obscenities, however, will be censored.


God Bless.